About TINA•K

 TinaK infuses Vitamin D3 and antioxidants into her skincare line to capture the power of the sun and repair damaged skin

The Story of My Face

Here at Tina K., we like to say that your face tells a story and we want to help you write it. So it seems only fitting that I tell you the story of my face and how it led to the birth of the TinaK Spa and product line.

My face’s story begins at the age of 11 when the breakouts started. I had light acne, so the doctors my mom took me to wanted to put me on medication (specifically Accutane). She wasn’t comfortable with that option though. Instead, she chose to take me to her facialist to see what could be done.

The results were amazing! Here I was, an embarrassed, hormonal child, at the beginning of a skin transformation. I was so awed by the results that I became inspired to learn as much as possible about the way our skin works and the whole art and science that goes into facials. It became my mission to help others that were dealing with the embarrassment I had just experienced.

By the time I was 13, the course of my life was solidified. I proclaimed to my mom that I had a passion to help others and that I wanted to become a facialist with my own spa. Her support was invaluable as I began the deliberate process of pursuing my dream.

My determination in this pursuit was so strong that I didn’t let my age slow me down. Instead, I pushed ahead and received my esthetician certificate at the age of 16. I started working at a nearby salon during all of my free hours while in high school.

I dove in head first and was fully committed to my life’s work, so much so that I soon began looking for the perfect location to open my own spa. At 20, I found “my spot” on Ventura Blvd. My mom, a real estate agent, helped me with the purchase, and by 21, MY spa was open for business.

That early passion I had for helping others never diminished, and as the years passed in the spa, I began playing around with different products. Throughout my late 20s, I thought about starting my own line. At the time, I decided there was already too much on the market and that there was no really place for me to make my own mark.

Everything changed when I was 35 and read an article about Vitamin D deficiency. What I read caused me to start wondering about all of my clients that were, wisely, wearing sunscreen all of the time and how that was affecting their overall health. Vitamin D deficiency is a global pandemic, causing inflammation and early aging in many, many people. The more I read, the more I had to do something for my clients as well as the greater population beyond my geographical scope.

Relying on my 26 years of experience and conversations with various people, I began working on a formula to counteract Vitamin D deficiency while nourishing and improving the skin. Throughout the research and development phase, I just knew the resultant formula would work – it was a gut and heart feeling that kept me pushing forward. I began using the final product on my clients and rejoiced with them as they experienced fantastic results.

About 2 years after my clients began experiencing these phenomenal results from using my formula, I uncovered the reason why it was working so well. Studies were being released that discussed transdermal efficiency and how the skin can ingest Vitamin D. In short, this formula we’d all been celebrating was liquid gold!

Educating people about, and starting a conversation about, Vitamin D deficiency and ways to combat the harmful effects of this condition is of utmost importance to me. In fact, it’s so important that I’ve decided to devote the rest of my time to doing just that through the growth of my skincare line. Each of my product boxes contain a QR code that can be scanned so the user can view an instructional video to become educated about the product.

Additionally, the TinaK Skincare line is a true passion project for me because I want everyone to be able to enjoy the experience of that facial feeling, such as the one that originally changed my life and determined its trajectory from such an early age. I want people to be able to do their own facials at home. Whether a stay-at-home mom, someone in a geographically remote location, or someone that can’t afford to go into a spa for a full facial treatment, everyone deserves a little self-pampering and their skin deserves some love and affection!

That is the story of my face, and the beginning of the story that I hope to help write on countless faces across the country. My sincerest hope is that the TinaK Skincare line becomes an instrument through which stories of health, anti-aging triumphs, and the eradication of Vitamin D deficiency are written.